I’ve been pretty busy this week with my summer uni project. We are in groups of 4 and have a 3 part project to do.

The first two parts are an emulator and assembler for the ARM11 architecture. We split ourselves into twos and each pair worked on their own part. I worked on the assembler and it was great fun. I’m also glad we split the work this way, as we ended up finishing both parts before the deadline, when you only needed to have completed the emulator. Now we have more time for the third part - the extension!

The great thing about this extension is that we can make anything we like, it just has to be in C. We didn’t have that many ideas but we ended up going with a static site generator which we have called tent. I originally was going to make something like this by myself in Go but everyone thought it would be fun so that is what we’ve gone with.

Actually, today we are hopefully going to get the first full build working!

The last week and a half of my first year at university has arrived, and although it definitely ended in short and in unusual fashion, it has been the best year of my life.

Anyway, nothing particularly interesting for this week’s post but it still feels good to write some stuff and publish it.

This is the third post of my weekly post challenge!