I recently set the home page of my browser to be Hacker News . I found it to be a distraction free way of finding out interesting stuff that’s happening in the tech industry. It’s also a really great way to find interesting blogs that aren’t on sites like Medium, as you’ll see from this post.

Anyway, today I came across a post called I bought netflix.soy , a fantastic blog post written by Ben Stokes .

I read Ben’s post and then took a wonder round the rest of the site.

This year, Ben has taken on a challenge, as he describes it:

The goal of this website is to try and explore as many of these ideas as I can. I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, but I do seem to get into a habit of setting goals around my birthday. I turned 25 on May 17th 2020, and my goal for my 25th year on earth is to try at least one of these tiny project ideas a week and see what happens. If they can make some money too, that’d be great. - Ben Stokes

I thought - what a great idea. Ben also mentions that he was inspired by Alex West so I took a look at his site too. I noticed that Alex actually writes a post every single day as well as weekly and monthly posts.

Both the writing style of Ben and Alex have inspired me. They reflect an authenticity almost as if the posts were just a friendly explanation with a bit of extra sauce.

And for this reason, I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of writing a blog post at least once a week. At the moment I haven’t set an end date to this goal, so who knows - if I’m lucky it could become a nice habit!

One of the obstacles that has always came to mind when I wanted to start blogging more was what to write about. It seemed that for someone like myself who seems to have so many interests, I’ve got nothing to write about. After reading both Alex’s and Ben’s posts I’ve realised that even writing about nothing in particular can be interesting. Just reading a tiny snippet summary of Alex’s day kind of pumps you up - well, at least for me it managed to kick me into writing this post and setting the challenge anyway.

So yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do… write at least one blog post every week.


You should really check out both Ben's site and Alex's site .