So I’m doing what I always do when starting these new posts and that’s making a flying start. To then normally stop pretty soon after. I don’t think I’ll be posting much during the week but I’m hoping it’ll at least become a little reflection I do each week.

Had a late nights and lots of drinks the past couple days so today is going to be a bit of a recovery day. Also I’ve only just realised it’s August now and I’m halfway through my internship at Optiver. I saw a few “inspirational” posts on Instagram this morning which have indeed motivated me to try and do something this month. August is going to be dedicated to getting back on the self-love (for lack of a better word) road and to work on myself physically and mentally. It’s been a pretty up and down road the last few weeks: having some of my highest highs and lowest lows. So refocusing and getting comfortable again with working on myself is the goal for this month.

I know I titled this challenge but it’s really not. More of an outlook change to stick to. So, off to the gym I go.